Global Up with a unique program that develops essential & lifelong global “power skills”: collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, cross-cultural communication, open-mindedness & flexibility.

Global Up Teen



  • Individual account for online learning environment
  • Online modules with video content subtitled in multiple languages
  • Online forum spaces for reflecting with peers from around the world
  • Online quizzes and assignments related to content
  • Guided reflection sessions (online or in-person) run by a Qualified Facilitator
  • A certificate upon completion

Hear from our teen participants!

“I got to learn so much more and understand so many different topics that I’m pretty sure will help me in the future. The most important thing that I learnt is to embrace differences and not let them become a barrier. Stuff like this should be taught in schools because it helps us in every aspect of our life.”

Trisha, teenager from India

Global Up Teen offers learners an opportunity to dive into global competence education. Participants can expect to learn more about themselves as cultural beings, hear from peers around the world and get their take on topics such as communication styles and conflict resolution skills. Learners will also uncover tools to allow them to cope with ambiguity, develop their empathy and active listening skills and how to effectively collaborate across differences to create lasting positive impact in their community and the world.



14-17 Teens

Total Modules


Modules Time Estimate

6-7 hours

Total Facilitated Dialogue Sessions


Total Estimated Time

10-11 hours

Facilitated by

Trained QFs


Welcome & Roadmap 

Who Am I? 

Exploring Perspectives 

Stereotypes & generalizations

Empathy & Listening

Suspending Judgment

Cultural Value Dimensions

Communication Styles

Coping & Being Resilient

Understanding Inequality


Taking Action

Live Sessions

A unique aspect of this program is you’re not going through it alone. Every stage of the global competence certificate, you’ll participate in a live facilitated dialogue session run by a certified Qualified Faciltator. You’ll engage in reflection along with your peers, share your ideas and gain insights into others’ perspectives on the intercultural themes and topics!

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