Qualified Facilitators of the Global Competence Certificate facilitate global competence learning for students, staff or faculty at your institution or organization.

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QF Trainings in 2021:

January 26th (9am – 11am NYC) or January 28th (5pm – 7pm NYC)

March 9th (5pm – 7pm NYC) or March 11th (8am – 10am NYC)

Benefits of becoming a Qualified Facilitator:

  • Learn tips for 100% intercultural learning facilitation for either online or in person sessions.
  • Gain key professional development skills within the field.
  • Continue developing your own intercultural learning by becoming a guide for others.
  • Grow your organization’s offerings in virtual learning and community building.
  • Join a robust Qualified Facilitators community – over 500 in our community worldwide with a special group on Workplace to share resources/tips/stories.
  • Gain a competitive edge by advertising your QF certification on your LinkedIn Profile with our badge.