Fundamentals of Intercultural Virtual Exchange for High School Educators

This 90-minute session introduces participants to fundamentals of intercultural learning for running successful virtual exchanges with high school students. Educators explore virtual exchange best practices and experiences that maximize students’ learning in cultural self-awareness, interacting with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, and improving their collaboration skills. Participants receive certificates, access to the online Global Educator community, resources for global competence teaching in the classroom and digital badges issued by Credly.

  • Participant profile Educators (Faculty/Teacher/Learning Facilitator) who reach high school/grades 9-12.
  • Length of training | 90 minutes
  • When and how is the training offered? | Scheduled; offered quarterly; customizable.
  • Cost | Fee based; $65 per person

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AFS PEAK Certified Facilitator Program

The AFS Certified Facilitator Program provides core facilitation skills and ongoing professional development where participants obtain skills to facilitate dialogue that synthesizes and deepens learning in a variety of contexts for both virtual and in-person audiences. These skills can be used to facilitate educational programs, virtual and/or in-person meetings, trainings, workshops, and other events. This program consists of online content and in-person skills practice followed by a capstone video and self-reflection assignment. Participants receive a certificate of completion and digital badge (via Credly).

  • Participant profile | Educators (Faculty/Teacher/Learning Facilitator).
  • Length of training 4.5 weeks consisting of approximately 2 hours of online content/wk; 3 live sessions (required) and a 45 minute video/self-reflection capstone assignment.
  • When and how is the training offered? | Scheduled; bi-monthly & customizable. Offered virtually.
    • August 2nd to August 30th, 2024.
    • October 4th to November 1st, 2024
  • Cost $425 USD per person (discounts may apply) 

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Questions? Contact Brian Bright Musyoki at [email protected]

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Global Competence for Higher Ed Virtual Exchange

 This training provides opportunities for learners to actively engage, build peer connections, and transform outdated educational approaches through a shared, experiential intercultural learning program. Participants receive an introduction to virtual exchange, learn how to design a successful program from the start using research-proven best practices, and participate in impactful live session intercultural exercises. Participants receive global competence certificates, facilitator certificates, and Credly badges.

  • Participant profile Any sector or role is eligible to apply.
  • Length of training | Three-five hours per week for four-six weeks.
  • When and how is the training offered? Scheduled; monthly; customizable. Offered virtually.
  • Cost | Fee based; $275-575 per person.

Questions? Contact Molly Stern at [email protected]

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